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Guilin, hung Cheng stepped down to the ultra-fine powder industry footsteps soli
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Modern industrial production and manufacturing technology have undergone profound changes, and this change has a common feature
In modern industrial production and manufacturing technology has undergone profound changes, this change has a common characteristic, which is the product of the original application of basic materials, new materials of superfine powder make most of the manufacturing industry and upstream raw materials. It has practically scraped all the light industrial production and manufacturing sectors. In today's world, the production, processing and application level of ultrafine powder has become a measure of national scientific and Technological Development level.

The cost of powder industry is mainly embodied in the index of energy consumption. It is not so important to produce high-grade calcium carbonate products that it is more important to consume energy indicators. Therefore, the development of superfine powder processing industry is promising in the mineral resources area where the power resources are not tight.

Modern industrial manufacturing, such as papermaking, paper sizing, generally add 10% - 20% superfine powder, in high-grade copper paper, kaolin (or calcium carbonate) superfine powder up to 40%. Another example of plastic products, modified superfine powder addition, according to product requirements can be as high as 30% - 50%. In some PVC products, the addition has been as high as 70%. Ultrafine powder in plastics, rubber, electronics, cable, paint, coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, abrasives, ceramics, building materials, food processing and household electrical appliances consumption greatly, such as the United States, flour production provides added a certain amount of talcum powder. Superfine powder over 6000 mesh added to plastic products (such as in the TV cabinet), can not only improve the appearance of product size, brightness, color, touch and other physical indicators, but also can improve product strength, elasticity, toughness and resistance to aging. Another example is the use of more than 10000 mesh calcium carbonate superfine powder made of car chassis coating, can make the car chassis is stronger than the steel plate anti erosion ability. Adding superfine kaolin powder to the cable sheath can improve the insulation strength of cables 5 - 10 times. Together with the superfine powder of WanMu cosmetics adjustable above, so you can only see the appearance and difficult to perceive a born beauty cosmetics no trace. In addition, the molecular sieve catalytic cracking oil, detergent, cleaning agent, product modification, metal smelting, chemical, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and so on high temperature superconductivity, especially high-tech fields have a very wide range of applications. It is the basic material of these industrial sectors, and therefore the demand is particularly large. In 1998, according to incomplete statistics, China's paper industry demand for ultrafine powder is about 500 thousand tons, about 200 thousand tons of paint, paint, detergent 800 thousand tons, 40 tons of petroleum and chemical industry, while the maximum amount of the most extensive plastic, cable, rubber, ceramics, refractory materials, building materials and other difficult to have accurate information sources. China's "fifteen" non metallic mineral development plan draft proposed during "fifteen" for heavy calcium carbonate powder reached 250 tons, 400 tons of talc - 450, 1000 - 1200 tons of kaolin Tuda to yield. The United States in 2000 the annual consumption of ultra-fine powder has more than 40 million tons. Visible demand for ultra-fine powder is large. According to reports, China's demand for ultrafine calcium carbonate powder has more than 4 million tons of detergent (mainly washing powder) on the powder consumption of more than 800 thousand tons, with powder raw materials, automotive friction materials production reached 400 thousand tons of demand. Therefore, the trend of development is very fast.

Guilin Hongcheng mining equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., the introduction of advanced technology and technology of the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries, the establishment of the international advanced production line and first-class testing base, and the establishment of the milling machine research center, dedicated to mill technical improvement and innovation. Company to scientific management, excellence in the manufacturing process, innovative manufacturing concept, testing and quality control methods of class, to create high-quality products, which hung a leading position in the machinery manufacturing industry China mill. Efforts to build a mining equipment manufacturing base in china. This shows that Hong Cheng became the largest mine milling machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, the pace of ultra-fine powder industry has stepped into a solid scene.

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